(❶⑧⑧❽❷②❸❽⑨⑧❷) How to access free Yahoo! Mail using Mac OS X mail?

In fact it is not a necessary question to decide among web based mail or the desktop mail. Using the Yahoo! Mail, IzyMail or the Mac OS X Mail, you even hold the choices but the user can even use both randomly. IzyMail directly offers the IMAP access to the Yahoo! Mail that they will be easily moved if they access the Yahoo! Mail in respective browser.

You can even easily access the Yahoo! Mail account in the Mac OS X mail. This is very simple as you can use benefit by working over the MacFreePOPs interface that lets the user download the new messages with simple way and quality speed.

Using POP over MacFree POPs, access the free Yahoo! Mail with the Mac OS X:

For setting up the access to the free Yahoo! Mail account the personalized Mac OS X Mail, you can easily work over the following steps:

  • First install the “MacFreePOPs” and ensure that the freepopsd service is working.
  • Then, choose the mail| preferences from the options provided in the Mac OS X Mail.
  • Reach to the option of accounts category.
  • Then tap + located at the accounts list’s bottom.
  • Enter the name under the complete name section.
  • Further type complete address of Yahoo! Mail in the provided Email address.
  • Enter the password of Yahoo! Mail
  • Ensure that the “automatically setup account” is not checked.
  • Tap on continue
  • Ensure that the POP is chosen from the option of account types.
  • Under the account description, enter the “Yahoo Mail”.
  • Further enter the “localhost” lying under the incoming mail server even you can use “” if you are having problem in running localhost.
  • Enter complete Yahoo! Mail address from the user name
  • Tap on continue
  • Again tap over the continue option again by ignoring the error as we can look after over it.
  • Ensure “password” is chosen from the authentication option.
  • Moving ahead, leave “use secure sockets layer (SSL) unchecked.
  • Tap on the continue option.
  • Choose an existing mail server for sending the mail under the “undergoing mail server”.

Note: you can never send any mail using the MacfreePOPs. If you are lacking to hold outgoing mail server using the ISP so you can then use the AIM Mail or Gmail accounts.

  • Tap on continue
  • Now tap over the create option
  • Then further, highlight the account Yahoo! Mail in the “account list”.
  • Reach to the “advanced tab”.
  • Type “2000” in the “Port”.
  • Then further close the window of “accounts”.
  • Tap on the save option.
  • Tap over the save.

Sometime accessing to Yahoo! Mail account can be bit problematic but you don’t need to get panicked. Simply hold patience and get connected to the technical professionals sitting at emailstechnicalsupport.com that avails Yahoo! Mail tech support. Dial Yahoo Mail Customer Care Number USA or Yahoo Mail Customer Care Toll Free Number and go ahead on telephonic call with techies and get complete assurance of troubleshooting the technical problem.

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