How to update from the existing Hotmail personalized account to the latest Email account?


Recently Microsoft has introduced all new email service termed as “” that reaches you carrying many features. You can create all new account in if you don’t possess any account on Hotmail but even if you have email account at Hotmail then you can better upgrade the personalized Hotmail account to all new with the need of the new account creation at the

The upgrading process from the Hotmail account to the mainly includes 2 basic things:

  • Only upgrading web interface
  • Or one can rename the Hotmail account to the account.

If only the user wants to work on the process of interface upgrading of the email account when the user login using a specific web browser, they can easily work on the process by reaching the website and then login using the  personalized Hotmail account credentials. It will upgrade automatically the personalized interface of Hotmail account to the new interface.

If the user needs to rename or convert the existing personalized account in the account then they can work on this process by following the method of adding alias to the account. The only thing the user need to work on is to follow the below detailed step.

The user can create five aliases annually and Microsoft allows the user with the benefit of creating maximum of the fifteen aliases to the personalized Hotmail account. Alias is a special benefit that it allows the user a better to use variety of IDS for various purpose without affecting the inbox. Without facing any sort of hurdles the user can send and receive mails from all the aliases. For adding an alias the user just need to work on these below described simple steps:

  • In the first step the user need to log in the email account using the URL. After done with the login process, choose the option “Options -> More mail settings”.
  • Now tap on the “Create an Outlook alias” option provided under the “Managing your account” section.
  • After working on the above process, it will open the specific page where the user can create alias to the personalized Hotmail account. Simply enter the asked email name in the “Email address” textbox and tap on the “Create an alias” button. After that it will notify you by asking confirmation whether you need you receive new email in new folder or in same on the existing folder that is already present in the inbox. After selecting tap on the done option.
  • After hitting on the done option the process is completed. The Hotmail account will get updated to the account.

The above process is easy to give effort on and if you get stuck in middle of the process then get connected to the tech support by dialing Hotmail Customer Support Phone Number USA or Hotmail Tech Support Phone Number +❶-⑧⑧❽-❷②❸-❽⑨⑧❷.

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