How to delete the Yahoo account from the Mac iOS?

If you want to bring ease in sending, receiving or replying to any mail then you can actively work using Yahoo Mail platform collaborating to the Mac mail. However, if anytime you wish to delete or remove your Yahoo Mail account from your Mac OS, you can easily remove it by following the steps mentioned here in below.

Steps for deleting the respective Yahoo Account from the Mac iOS

Process 1

1.) In the initial step, simply launch the Mail app over the device and choose the “Mail option” from menu.

2.) Now, moving ahead tap on the menu “Preferences” lying under the drop-down menu of “Mail”.

3.) Tap over the email account that you want to delete from the personalized Mac OS. In this particular case, choose the Yahoo Mail. You can even get this option located at the sidebar/left-pane.

4.) Next, click on the “-” symbol located at the bottom.

5.) After that, make confirmation of your activity for deleting the mail account by tapping on “OK button”.

Process 2:

1.) Reach out to the “System Preferences” option on the Mac device. The user can come across the option under the “Apple menu > Preferences” or even tap on System Preferences icon located on the dock.

2.) Now, tap over the “Internet Accounts” and then choose the personalized email account that you want to delete.

3.) Moving further, tap over the “-” symbol option that is situated at the lower section.

4.) In the end, confirm the delete steps by tapping on the “OK button”.

These both processes are very easy to follow leading to deletion of the Yahoo account running on your personalized Mac. If these steps are not helpful then make sure to get connected to the technical engineers at by dialing Yahoo Mail customer service number 24 Hours or Yahoo Mail Customer Care Toll Free Number

+❶-⑧⑧❽-❷②❸-❽⑨⑧❷. Techies will surely help you in coming out of the technical error.

How to add signature in Yahoo mail?

This email signature is a standard feature added in most email apps and the user can add one to their respective account of Yahoo Mail by making few changes to the default settings.

Note that the particular method for changing the personalized mail signature simply varies bit depending on whether you are using the Classic Yahoo Mail or Yahoo Mail. In this blog, you will come across the instructions related to Yahoo Mail.

The email signature in the Yahoo Mail is appended automatically at bottom of the reply, forward or newly created message. If talking about adding a signature then it can include anything: as the user can add name, contact information like phone number, website address or email address. The user is free to include the witty quotes, marketing taglines or even links of the personalized social media accounts.

Steps for adding the signature in Yahoo Mail:

Below presented steps will give you details regarding the addition of email signature in latest version of the Yahoo Mail:

  • In the first move, open the Yahoo mail.
  • Then, tap over the setting icon at the upper right section of screen.
  • Tap over the “more settings” from the menu.
  • In the left menu, tap over the writing email.
  • In the particular section of the “writing email section” to the right side of the menu, under the signature option. Then locate the account of Yahoo mail that they want to add signature to and tap over the switch at the right side of it. By performing this activity, open up the text box under it.
  • In the respective text box, type email signature that the user wants to be appended to the email messages that are to be sent from the account.
  • The user holds several formatting options that include text formatting, background formatting and many more. The user will be able to see the appearance of the signature under the message preview.
  • When you are done with the entering of the signature and think the appearance is satisfactory, then tap over the “back to inbox” at the upper left. The signature is automatically saved so there exists no save option that they need to tap.

These steps are the accurate guidance that will help you in resolving your technical glitch. For more descriptive assistance get connected to by calling them at Yahoo Mail Customer Care Toll Free Number or Yahoo Mail Customer Service Phone Number