How to synchronize “Yahoo Mail Contact” in iPhone?

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When the user syncs the Yahoo account with the iPhone, then they can easily access certain sections and features including mail, mail contacts and calendar from iPhone directly. This easy benefit of Yahoo Mail account users holding an iPhone works for the entire email communication.

This particularly requires the user to synchronize and then configure the Yahoo account using the iPhone as this can turn out to be beneficial for accessing all the contacts at one place. For working over this step, the user doesn’t need to keep shifting or switching to Yahoo accounts to the iPhone. We need to provide instant guide for the user for learning the method for synchronizing the contacts of Yahoo Mail in the iPhone.

Few easy to follow steps for establishing sync between your personalized Yahoo Mail contact in your personalized iPhones:

  • In the initial step, start your move from the iPhone’s home screen.
  • Then, stepping ahead, click over the setting option over your device.
  • Then after, the user needs to tap over the “contacts or calendars” option.
  • In this step the user needs to click on the “add account” option.
  • Then further, tap over the Yahoo icon.
  • Here, enter the respective email address and click over the “Next option”.
  • Then, enter the personalized password and then click over the “sign in” button.
  • At last, simply slide the “contacts, mails and calendars” sliders on and click over the “save option”.

Yahoo Mail Customer support Number USA

The above described steps will certainly help you in dealing with the technical snug related to Yahoo Mail. Dial Yahoo Tech Support Number like Yahoo Mail Technical Support Phone Number USA  for reaching out to the Yahoo Mail Technical Support for availing Yahoo Mail Customer service to fix the technical problem the user is facing while working on Yahoo Mail platform.

How to redirect the email messages in Yahoo Mail?

There are times when you come across a mail and you cannot reply it. Its for sure not your fault but of long retired model KH9345-I.

  • Forwarding the Woes:

So you are forwarding the mail to someone else who can reply over it, then that’s good. The only issue is that you are now the message sender.

  • The knowing mate cannot reply directly to the customer request.
  • The reply would be sent to you and you would have to pass it to the real sender of the mail.
  • Instead, the user needs to extract the email address of the customer from down the mail body and then stick it to the mail.

There is chances for losing some information and details when you are forwarding the mails. Have you ever noticed that when you forward any sort of mail to any user they will come across many extra stuffs like quotation mark like “>” in the starting of every sentence, possibly the “forwarded message begins here” in the starting and many more headers that no one needs but they exist and in longer way than the main content of the body itself.

Rescue redirecting:

You and the receiver will be saved by redirecting the mail instead of forwarding it. When any email is redirected, the only important section of these changes is the valuable recipient.

The intext content doesn’t change and remains the same (no “Fwd”). Even the body remains like (no “>”, “No Forwarded message”). The form of sender stays like: the line remains same, at least for the client receiving mail.

This signifies that the particular recipient of the redirected message can use directly the reply function of the email client for composing the message to the real sender not them from where the message was redirected.

The email clients who are allowing you for redirecting the mail messages will turn up somehow so that the particular mail has been properly redirected. Working properly over redirecting mails will make things clear to the one who is receiving the messages like the particular message was redirected and who redirected it and when.

For finding out whether the particular email client supports the redirecting the messages, search for the command tagged “redirect” located near to the reply option. Since it is not that important as latter, then you may not get it as the toolbar option but there are times when reaching out menu option is a better option to look for.

So bring ease to your experience of forwarding mail by redirecting it properly. For more defined assistance you can easily connect to the tech team of by dialing  Yahoo Mail Technical Support Number +❶-⑧⑧❽-❷②❸-❽⑨⑧❷


How to troubleshoot error code 0x800CCC79 of Yahoo?

If the user is unable to send email, the email program highlights an error notification showing “error code 0x800CCC79 or error code 550”. The user can even come across notification like “unknown local user or recipient not authorized”. Behind the occurrence of this technical fault, there exists three basic reasons. The reasons are well defined below along with the troubleshooting steps:

  1. Authentication failure:

If the user is trying hard to send the mails from a valid mail to a valid email address and at that point you came across a notification highlighting “error code 550 or 0x800CCC79” then the very first thing to look after is that the email program is properly set up for the SMTP authentication.

For protecting the respective email server from the abuse coming from the spammers, so being a tech support firm, we allow only to our respective customers from using it.  so the techies at our firm move ahead by insisting that all the mails sent using the Yahoo holds SMTP authentication for proving where they basically turned up from .

  1. From an Invalid Address

If the user is trying to send mail from an email address that is invalid and they will get a notification highlighting “Server response: 550 recipient not authorized”. So if address you have selected for sending the email does not appears to be valid then the server will prohibit the sending of the emails. So for that have a look over the following:

  • The address that you have selected for sending was properly spelled when you set up the respective mail account.
  • It take a day time for the activation of the new email address so at least give 24 hour time after the email address is created.
  1. To an Invalid Address

There are chances that the place from where you are sending the email is valid and the main problem is in the mail address to which the mail is being sent to.  When your message won’t be sent then you will come across a notification of failure delivery status notification from email server notification.

The steps may be bit confusing to follow but its appropriate as it is the exact solution to the problem. For more detailed solution, get connected to techies for resolving this particular technical glitch by dialing Yahoo Mail Customer Service Phone Number usa or Yahoo Mail Customer Care Toll Free Number 1-888-223-8982.