1888 223 8982(Toll-Free)How to correctly setup Roadrunner email on iPhone

How to correctly setup Roadrunner email on iPhone

For few reasons setup-roadrunner email on iPhone is Stopped and not working correctly after updating to the iOS5. So you can go through the given steps below from

Emailstechnicalsupport.com for resolving the error that you are coming across:

Roadrunner Email Settings:-

For sending the Road Runner Web Mail from the iPhone & iPad®:

setup-roadrunner email on iPhone -1888 223 8982
setup-roadrunner email on iPhone -1888 223 8982
  1. On the iPhone or iPad®choose Settings.
  2. Choose “Mail, Contacts, Calendars.”
  3. Select Add Account…
  4. Check Other option.
  5. Add the Add Mail Accountand fill the details:
    • Name:
    • Address: yourusername@ec.rr.com
    • Password
    • Description: The Road Runner Mail

How do i get my roadrunner email on my iphone or setup-roadrunner email on iPhone

  1. Tap over the “Nextbutton”
  2. Choose POP and fill out “Incoming Mail Server”and “Outgoing Mail Server” form:
    • Incoming Mail Server Host:“pop-server.ec.rr.com”
    • User Name: “yourusername@ec.rr.com”.
    • Password: “Your password”
    • If required, enter the port 110 and setting up the Secure Server to the off.
    • Outgoing Mail Server Host: “mobile-smtp.roadrunner.com”
    • User Name: “yourusername@ec.rr.com”
    • Password: “Your respective password”
    • If required, type port 587 and set the “Secure Server” to off (or without SSL)
    • NOTE: Apple may show the notification “Do you need trying to set up the account without the SSL?” User needs to choose “Yes.” Apple might take bit time for verifying the settings and then again ask, “Do you need to try setting up account without the SSL?” Again choose Yes and the n setup will be done.
  • Choose the Save.