How to resolve the error in receiving and sending emails in Gmail

It is the most common issue in the Gmail that user comes across. This technical error arises due to several reasons but to find out the main reason is very difficult. In this post, one will get to know the basic reasons behind the issue and the simple steps to resolve the technical default.

Types of errors faced by the Gmail users:

While using the Gmail, users come across several errors while sending the mails. Some of the errors are:

  • Message sending delayed
  • Sent messages not reaching its destination
  • Bounced messages

Message sending delayed

The messages sent by Gmail are delayed some of the times, so for checking this error one must know the medium of sending the messages. Some of the medium used for sending mails from Gmail is through mobile devices, webmail clients such as apple mail or outlook and using the email interface. If the messages are delayed using mobile, then first make a move to look for the configuration of the Gmail account running on your phone.

Error in sending mails in the Gmail account:

If you are using the mail clients for sending the mail, then first move out to check the receiver’s email address. This cross checking is needed as; sometime it happens that the address typed is wrong or invalid. Some more reasons are mentioned below that can affect the sending of the emails:

  • Time out while establishing the connection
  • Error in contacting the DNS servers
  • Not acceptance of connecting request by the recipient server.
  • Message rejected
  • Error code 8770 of Gmail
  • Error in recipient’s address
  • Rejection of messages

Configuring the Gmail account is the best solution to end up all the errors related to sending of the mails. It is very easy to resolve the errors by own self, but if you are unable to get out of the problem then directly reach out to the  Gmail Technical Support for getting easy and convenient assistance. You can easily reach the technical experts by dialing Gmail Technical Support phone number+❶-⑧⑧❽-❷②❸-❽⑨⑧❷ or Gmail Customer Care Number USA.

How to change the profile picture in your personalized Gmail Account

Gmail is email service provider and is much known between the users due to its special features. If you are a Gmail and want to change the profile picture and if you don’t know the process, don’t worry. BY reading this article you can get easy to follow procedure that will help you n removing the older picture and even placing a new one in that respective place.  This setting up of profile picture helps a user to get identified and even get connected to other email clients. For changing the profile picture successfully, do follow the below explained steps:

If you are facing any trouble in changing or setting the profile in your mail either it be personal or professional account, then move ahead with below listed steps:

  • First get into your account by login in your personalized account.
  • Then, hit on the option of the “settings” that is located on the upper side right corner
  • Further, hit on the settings option.
  • You will come across an option of “my picture” in the setting section and then hit on the change picture menu.
  • Tap on the option of select or upload a new picture options.
  • Move ahead to crop the image for getting the part of picture of your choice
  • Now, finally hit on apply the change menu.

The above explained steps are well provided by the professionals who are much qualified in providing technical assistance. These detailed steps are very easy to follow and will let you troubleshoot the error. But, in any case, if you are stuck while working on the step, then directly reach the experts. The experts at Gmail Technical Support can be easily reached through any mode of communications but the best way to avail the assistance is via telephonic call.  Gmail Technical Support phone number and Gmail Customer Care Number USA +❶-⑧⑧❽-❷②❸-❽⑨⑧❷ will take you to the experts who will avail you the instant solution to any of your technical glitches.

How to provide access of Gmail to other without password sharing

It is a thing of great test of the trust if you are sharing the password of your email. It is impossibility but if you are in habit of using same password everywhere even after knowing that you should avoid.

The Gmail is much popular among the population as it benefits its users with numerous features and one of the features is delegates feature. Using or working with this feature you can easily provide access of your account to someone other without sharing the password. Working with regular account, you can add total 10 delegates and with work account all about 25 delegates can be easily added.

The added delegates can easily send, read and even delete the messages entering your Gmail account. When, any of the delegates send the message, it will simply show in the message section as well. They are even benefitted from a feature that they can even manage the contacts of Gmail. They can work on with your accounts and even reply to the messages on your behalf but are not provided any access of making changes to your Gmail personal settings. This feature is actually a great feature for providing grants of email access or even creating an email regarding the customer services that is to be used by various users.

Steps for adding delegates in the Gmail:

  • Make a move to reach to the setting and then > accounts and imports.
  • Tap on add another account that is located in the grant access to your personalized account.
  • Then, select whether the delegates read messages are highlighted as read or not.
  • After prompted, type the person’s email address to whom you want to provide the account’s access and then, make confirmation regarding your wish of access sharing.
  • Further the delegates will get an email along with a link that need to hit within seven days of email receiving or after the offer gets expired. You will get to know about your accepted request by proceeding to the import section of your account.

The above described steps will help you to easily add delegates but if still you are unable to work smoothly with this process, then directly reach out to our experts at Gmail Technical Support by dialing Gmail Technical Support phone number+❶-⑧⑧❽-❷②❸-❽⑨⑧❷ or Gmail Customer Care Number USA.

How Mac Mail Application helps in Setting Gmail Account?

Using email has somewhere simplified the work of individuals. It has become an integral part of our day to day routine. It has made accessing things faster, easier and much convenient. We use emails for our minor to major needs like dealing with business partner, chatting with friends, newsletters, collecting recipients and even sharing folders and other attachments. So, to manage the multi-tasking email, one needs to have an app. App that can easily manage all the activities of email.

Perform all your activities on email without any trouble by using this “Gmail for Mac”. This enables you to get the convenient and efficient way to work with all the email activities. The most popular and widely used Gmail for Mac, is well used for handling the activities of personal email account. It is well facilitated with many unique services and numerous features.  If you want to simplify your work load and increase your work flow, this setting of Gmail will benefit you. Using this feature, you can forward and reply to messages very easily without any issue generation.

Gmail is very easy to access and the best part of working on Gmail is that it supports few of the standard protocols. Apple email support same process of interacting with the Gmail server. The steps of building Gmail account in the apple mail is a simple task as the users can easily hook the Gmail account to Mac mail in same process as you add IMAP and POP accounts on which you are presently working.

1)   Launch system preference first just by just clicking the icon in dock.

2)  Then, select preference pane of the internet accounts. Here on this page, you get a list of social media and email. Now select the Google icon that is positioned at right-hand pane.

3) Once you select, a new and fresh sheet will appear in front of you where you enter the information of your Google account.

4)  Click over done icon to complete your process and finally end up the task.

You can even set the mail for your Gmail account, but ensure there is no any automated method so that you can manually create setup. For this:

  • Select IMAP for account type.
  • Choose for email address
  • Select your own choice of Gmail password
  • Enter your Gmail address as user name.
  • Go for for incoming mail servers
  • Select for outgoing mail servers

Once you are done with the above steps, you are then able to easy access your Gmail account. Once you get stuck in any of the steps or have any query regarding any technical difficulties, contact technical experts on Gmail Customer Services Toll Free Number or Gmail Helpdesk Number +❶-⑧⑧❽-❷②❸-❽⑨⑧❷ for getting easy guidance and get expert advice.