How to change the Mail Font (default) in AOL Mail?

Sending mail? Then getting Arial for all needs then isn’t it bit boring. How about trying something new like Georgia, Courier New, Comic Sans or Veranda and many more.

So in AOL mail over the web, the user can select the font as their default and even get an option for selecting a default size and the foreground colour for booting the process.

For bringing out changes in the default font and font size used in the new messages in the AOL mail, the user can go through some easy to follow steps defined below:

  • In the very first move, the user needs to go through the “settings” link present in the AOL Mail.
  • Then move ahead for reaching out the “compose category”.
  • Select the preferred font, respective font size, its colour located under the “default font and color option”.
  • After making the changes mentioned above, you need to tap over save option for saving all the changes done.

So after making the above changes, you will come across the changed default settings next whenever you compose any new mail.

Now, moving ahead, you need to add rich text to the respective email.

If the user needs to make better impact over the receiver of the mail then simply bringing changes in fonts won’t matter much. So the user needs to switch to Rich Text HTML formatting in the AOL Mail. When the respective user turns on the rich text formatting, they can easily use the bold or italics, underline and many other changes like adding bullets and changing colour of background. So for turning on the Rich Text HTML formatting, you need to follow below listed points:

  • Tap on the settings
  • Then move ahead to reach to the “authoring category”
  • Then further check the “Use rich text/HTML editing” lying under the composing option.
  • Tap over the save option.

Bringing changes in fonts and features in composing the mail, somewhere highlights your mail value. For more guidance regarding the AOL mail, you can reach out to Reach techies through the helpline number like  AOL Mail Customer Service Number +❶-⑧⑧❽-❷②❸-❽⑨⑧❷