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Initially being the user of RR mail you need to ensure that you are using the appropriate email address. If talking about the reason behind the occurrence of the issue then there are many like incomplete email setup.Call-Roadrunner Email Toll Free Number

Roadrunner Email address being rejected by the iOS server|Roadrunner Email Toll Free Number

Any incorrect setup will generate issue in forwarding mails, sending or replying mails.For any inquiry call-Roadrunner Email Toll Free Number-18882238982

The error of mails being denied by the iPhone , iPad, iPod server might be because of the invalid port that might have been unintentionally or intentionally used for sending emails from the respective iOS device.

You need to bring changes or even update the port setting for fixing this error. Go through the steps defined

below for resolving this error.

The issue notification appearing as message w


as rejected by the server or can’t send the email then this notification highlights that the mail cannot be sent to the email service of Roadrunner.

roadrunner Email address being rejected by the iOS server


Here in this blog from emailstechnicalsupport.com, you will get to see some troubleshooting steps that will help you in resolving the error that you are coming across while using the RR mail:

  • Check the entered login credentials that you have entered as that might even cause this technical glitches.
  • Enter the login credential for verifying the outgoing email server. You can carry forward this issue by moving to the menu of settings over the Apple device then reaching to the option of accounts and password. Click over the account option and after clicking you will get to see the accounts that are actually synced with the device. Then click over the particular device that is creating issue strictly followed by tapping over the options outgoing email server and the primary server. Then enter your login credentials.

The above mentioned steps are mainly for the iOS 11 and later that, but if you are the user of before versions then you can go through the below described steps:

  • Tap over the settings over the iOS device.
  • Click over the contacts, mails, calendars option and then over the email account that you are logged into.
  • Click on the option of outgoing mail server and bring changes to the options up to your needs and knowledge.

Roadrunner Toll Free Number | How do I set up IMAP/POP email on an Mac?

Roadrunner Toll Free Number|How do I set up IMAP/POP email on an Mac?

For adding the hosted email address to the respective device you need to go through below mentioned steps or Contact Roadrunner Toll Free Number-1888-223-8982

How do I set up IMAPPOP email on an Mac+1-888-223-8982

Step 1: On the device open the Settings, then further scroll down and choose the Mail, Calendars, Contacts.

Step 2: Choose the Add Account, then choose the Other. Next, select to the Add Mail Account. Further, you will be prompted for entering the email, name, respective password and its description.

Step 3: Choose the IMAP for the mail server. Then, below you will be needed for entering the Host NameUsername and Password for both mail servers (incoming and outgoing).

Step 4: Tap over the Next option for proceeding. In the event that the port numbers do not populate automatically, use the Outgoing (SMTP) port 465 and Incoming port 993.

Your email address that is hosted has now been properly configured to the Apple device.

Troubleshooting methods from emailstechnicalsupport.com

If you are unable to send the messages:

Step 1: Over the device open “Settings,” then further scroll down and choose the Contacts, Mail, Calendars.

Step 2: Choose the account, and then under the IMAP/POP, choose the account again. Further, scroll down where you get to find the Outgoing Mail Server and choose the SMTP.

Step 3:
Choose the Primary Server.

Step 4: Ensure the Host Name is the Outgoing Server. Make sure both of the Email’s Username and relative Password are properly filled, even if the device highlights it is optional. Ensure the “Use SSL” is turned OFF. Then, set the Authentication to the Password.

Step 5: Click over the Done.

If the email is still not sending, please move back to the Step 4 and then try to use the alternative outgoing ports 25 or 587.