How to recover the deleted mails in the Outlook account?


Are you tensed after you have lost your emails in Outlook accidentally? Then the user must explore bit the options that will prove to be beneficial in recovering the mails that are deleted. They first need to take the initiative for checking first the mails in the specific deleted folder. If you are unable to get mails in the deleted folder then have a look over recoverable items folder.

The steps described below will help the user as it will bring ease in their work. These steps are well defined by Outlook experts.

These steps are to recover the files from the deleted items folder:

  • In the first step, the user needs to go to the personalized folder list of the email and then get into the deleted items.
  • After you get the message then, click on the right click of the mouse and then enter the move>other folder.
  • The user needs to tap on inbox and then over enter for moving the message to the inbox.
  • For recovering other sort of items one must follow one of the following:
  • Enter Move > Other Folder > Calendar for the calendar items.
  • Enter Move > Other Folder > Contacts for contact recovery.
  • Enter Move > Other Folder > Tasks for recovering the task folder.

Steps to recover files that are not present in the deleted items folder:

If you are unable to get the item you are looking for in the deleted item folder then you needs to take steps to reach the place of recoverable items folder. It is the place where every item is moved in case they need to follow one of the below mentioned:

  • Delete the item in the Outlook from the folder of delete items.
  • Vacate the folder of deleted item
  • Select an item if you need to permanent delete it and tap Shift + delete.

Steps for recovering items from folder of recoverable items:


  • In the initial stage, the user need to visit the email folder list and further enter the deleted items
  • Ensure to select home and then enter the recover deleted items
  • In last, the user needs to select the item they need to get and then enter the restore selected items. Further tap on OK

These steps are will certainly prove to be beneficial for recovering the items deleted. For more information dial the toll free number of the Outlook tech support. The numbers provided are Outlook Tech Support Phone Number USA or Outlook Customer Service Phone Number +❶-⑧⑧❽-❷②❸-❽⑨⑧❷


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