What IMAP email in Cox can do for the user?

Internet message access protocol is commonly known as IMAP and the internet message access is compressed what is allowed to the user from the protocol.

Email Access Protocols: IMAP and POP

The email services provide generally two email accessing protocols named as IMAP and POP. When the user retrieves the mail messages received in the respective inbox from the mail server with the usage of the email programs either on mobile or computer, the server and the client program used the post office protocol (POP) for communicating. IMAP and POP share the downloading messages to the email programs. For performing this, POP was merely designed and IMAP give much more useful functionalities and features.

POP problem with multiple systems:

In a specific POP session, the mail programs directly download all the latest arrived messages and then further delete those emails immediately from the server. This step helps in preserving space over the server and works efficiently. It even provides the access to emails from one system only and exactly over one email program.

As you try working on the respective mail from various devices, managing POP mails becomes a severe headache. Some of the defects that user comes across are:

  • Missing of incoming emails from the email program.
  • Downloading error in messages.
  • The user is asked for re-creating rules at every point.
  • Only sent is available

Reason of troubled email access of POP:

The root of all the issues lies in the concept of accessing offline email in POP.  The mails are properly delivered to server the email program downloads them to system and then delete the message from server as soon as possible. This means that they are all connected to machine in local range and even to email program.

How can IMAP improve over this?

As IMAP can be used offline and is much similar to POP. It even gives online email accessing that synchronizes the actions between the email programs automatically.

There are many more things that IMAP can help you out with like you can easily operate over the mailbox residing over the server as it is locally located, synchronize access to the email folders and many more. For more detailed information, get connected to technical experts at tech support. Directly contact them by dialing Safari Browser Customer Care Phone Number or Safari Browser Customer Service Number +①-❽❽⑧-②❷③-⑧❾❽②.

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