How to delete the Cox account from the Mac iOS?


Since past, emails have been considered better medium of communication especially in corporate world. In market there exists many email service providers in which Cox is the most preferred one. Among all the mail service providers, Cox is very popular. Globally, there is huge population who are user of this mail platform and this because they prefer to use this because of the easy to use features. In fact in any wrong turn, the customer support of Cox is reachable on Cox Mail Customer Support Phone Number USA.
In spite of holding better features and accessibility, Cox is a platform that receives maximum criticism due to the technical snugs caused due to internal or external factors. Sometimes, understanding this platform is bit complex as all the processes are similar and alike. If you have properly installed the Cox Mail account on the respective Mac iOS, you can send, reply or receive the mails easily using the particular Mac Mail. If you are looking for a secured platform for sending and receiving mails then blindly you can trust over Cox Mail. If you are coming across any sort of technical fault don’t worry as we are present here for making things easier for enhancing your usage experience but if at any point if you are thinking of deleting the Cox Mail from your respective Mac OS, you are free to do so by following the below described steps:
Process First:
• In the initial step, launch the Mail app over your respective device.
• Then further from the top menu choose the mail option.
• Now, tap on the “preferences” option from the drop down menu of the mail.
• Tap over the email account that you would like to remove from personalized Mac OS and then in that case choose the Cox Mail. You can get this particular option over the left pane or sidebar.
• Then tap over the symbol “-“situated at the lower section.
• Then after, make confirmation of your deleting process by tapping over the “OK button”.
Process Second:
• Reach out to the preference menu over your Mac Device. Here you can get this particular option under the “Apple Menu > Preferences” or tap over the icon of “system preferences” on the respective dock.
• Then, tap over the “internet accounts” and choose the emails accounts that you need to delete.
• Further tap over the “-“symbol situated at lower portion.
• Make confirmation regarding the deleted action by tapping over OK option.
So, this is how you can delete the Cox account from the respective Mac OS or in other case you can make connections to that is a Cox Mail Customer Support Service that can be easily reached using Cox Mail Customer Service Phone Number or Cox Mail Customer Care Phone Number 1-888-223-8982 for USA and Canada.

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