How to fix the error code 8770 of the Gmail?

When the user is trying to send any sort of message to relatives, friends or anyone at same time then there is a chance when they will come across an error notification that defines that the user is no longer for sharing any sort of messages. This specific technical error occurs only when the user sends any message with extreme large size. So, in this case a notification occurs over your screen that intimates that the file being sent is too large.

Some of the basic reasons behind the occurrence of the technical glitch are:

  • Insufficient space in the outbox.
  • Size of the message is large that is more than 25MB.

Here the user are asked to delete the oversized messages from the respective outbox and then there only delete the messages. One thing that the user can work on is to check the size of the file before sending it to the receiver.

Steps for troubleshooting the above mentioned technical glitch:

  • In the very first move, get into your Gmail id by login into using personalized login credentials like the email address and the password.
  • Once you are done with the login step, then tap over the compose option for writing and sending any fresh mail.
  • Next tap on “attaches option” that is situated at the bottom of the email.
  • Now select the files that the user wants to forward and then tap on the send option.

If the Gmail attachment is not uploading successfully or you are unable to send the particular Gmail attachment then there is a chance of occurrence of 8770 and below are some basic tips for overcoming the technical problem.

  • In the very first step, try using the supported web browser for running your personalized Gmail account. The Gmail is very efficient and smoothly runs over best web browsing platform including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, internet explorer and safari.
  • If the web browser is not accurately working then try sending the messages and files from some other web browsers.
  • Few of the times, due to some proxy setting the user come across the problem. So, simply try to turn off the proxy setting.

So, properly working over these steps can turn out to be beneficial in resolving the above mention technical fault. For more detailed and structured guidance get connected to technicians by dialing Gmail Customer Care Phone Number 1-888-223-8982 or Gmail Support number USA.

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