How to find mail in Gmail using search operator?

If you hold good command on working with Gmail and collecting mails, then the archive option available in it is much useful. Many archived mails are never searched or seen again but again, others the user needs to reach back to later. Using cleaver operators and easy search, the Gmail allows the user to get email fast and precisely.

Usually, large search field works that is located at the top of the Gmail. But, few of the times, the returned mail number is quite large. Maybe the user can include a sender’s name or any word? Again, playing with word needs quite intelligence. With the usage of some search operators, the user can easily narrow down the search operation very significantly. You can easily search anything in the subject line by making proper combination with sender and data usage.

Search Mail in Gmail

For finding messages in Gmail:

  • Enter search items in the search field of Gmail.
    • The user can reach to the mail search instantly by pressing .
  • Tap “Enter” or tap on the magnifying glass button.

For specifying the search criteria for narrowing the result in “Gmail search”:

  • Tap on the “Show search options down arrow” in the search field of Gmail.
  • Look for the email addresses of the sender and names by using the “From field”.
  • Look for the “direct (To: field) recipients” names and their addresses using the option of “To field”.
  • Look for the mail subjects by using the “Subject field.”
  • Look for emails’ body text by using the “Has the words field.”
  • Look for the “phrase with quotation marks.”
  • Look for emails that holds “one word (or phrase) or another”, use “OR”.
  • Look for the emails that do not hold certain texts in their text using the “Doesn’t have field.” MacBook Customer Care Phone Number
  • Ensure “Has attachment” is checked for finding the emails that holds the attached files.
  • Looking for the emails’ that is sent over the date using the “Date within fields.”
  • Tap on the “Search Mail” option below search fields.
  • You can easily narrow down the search ahead in the main search field by using operators below.
    • Of course, various search options can be easily combined for finding, saying, emailing from certain sender that holds attachments and were easily sent during last year.

The above detailed steps are good enough to resolve the problem that you are coming across. For more assistance and instructions, get connected to by dialing Gmail Customer Care Phone Number or Gmail Customer Care Number USA  +❶-⑧⑧❽-❷②❸-❽⑨⑧❷.

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