How to correct file downloading error in the Windows Live Mail?

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Email platforms bring ease in folder related activity like sending, receiving or sharing. So, file sharing on Live mail is very easy and common and similarly is spamming and hacking in the respective email account. So, in order to maintain your system protected against the online threats, virus and certain programs that can be the reason behind the hacking of the personal details. So on the security basis, Live Mail prohibits certain kinds of file attachments leading to occurrence of above described issues.

If however, you need to allow every kind of file attachments, the user is free to do so by bringing changes in the settings of the account of Windows Live Mail safety options. They will be able to download easily all sorts of files after bringing changes in the safety option.

Below defined are certain steps essential for allowing the mails to download and then open the file attachment type:

  • In the first step, reach out to “start option” in the system and then enter “mail” in the space provided in search box.
  • Further locate the option “Windows Live Mail” in respective search result and then tap on it.
  • Then click over the “home option” of the Windows Live Mail and moving ahead select the “junk” option and reach out to “safety options”.
  • Locate “security tab” and tap over it lying under “safety menu”.
  • Then search for the “virus protection menu” and further uncheck the section next to the “Do not allow attachments to be saved or opened that could potentially be a virus”.
  • Finally, tap on the “ok”. Then when you get an attachment via email. This email block will not prohibit any attachment and they will be permitted to send and receive the file types in mails.
  • Remember but, switching off the option will leave the system at risk of being affected by malicious virus.

NOTE: The changes done will be much effective for the mails that you come across after the changes done. It is even better recommended for sending and receiving file attachments in the zipped form.

You will get rid of your trouble by following the above described steps but in many of the cases you can contact Windows Live Mail Tech Support anytime and from anywhere. You are free to get connected to the by using the helpline numbers such as Windows Live Mail Customer Care Phone Number or Windows Live Mail Customer Care Toll Free Number 1-888-223-8982.

How to check new mail automatically in Live Mail?

Nothing like send and receive option in Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail or even Outlook Express toolbar will for sure not wear but when it comes to other side then the respective mouse used, your hands are few things that may wear out.

Let me clear you something that you are fortunate enough that it not necessary to proceed over frantic tapping and checking the new mail. All the above mentioned like Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express and Windows Mail will simplify you work load by doing it all along and that to automatically and at regular pace.

Looking for new mails automatically and periodically in the above three can be bit easier task for you. For making the Windows Live Mail checking the new mails periodically and automatically and even barely noticeable in the background, you need to proceed further on the illustrated steps below:

  • In the starting of the process, you need to select the “select tools/options” from the respective menu.
  • Then reach out to the “general tab”.
  • Then ensure to check the “check for new message every __ minute(s)”.
  • Further move ahead over deciding on how often the user needs Live mail to look for the new mail.

Note: the typical value mainly lies in between the 10 minutes to an hour. In fact, less frequent interruptions are better usually. The max time interval that will be accepted is 8 hours.

  • Tap over ok option.
  • Then, step ahead for selecting “tools| accounts from the section of menu.
  • Then further highlight the respective email account that the user wants to check automatically for the new mail.
  • Tap over the “properties”.
  • Reach out to the “general tab”.
  • Then ensure to check “Include this account when receiving mail or synchronizing”.

Note: similarly, ensure this particular item is not checked for the accounts the user don’t need to be automatically checked by the Windows Live Mail.

  • Then tap on OK.
  • Now at the end, click on the close option.

For better and concrete guidance, reach out to the technical experts using the helpline numbers including Live Mail customer service number 24 Hours or Live Mail technical support number +❶-⑧⑧❽-❷②❸-❽⑨⑧❷.

How to easily deal with the junk mail issue in the Live Mail?

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Live mail is a recognized brand in email service provider across globe. It has many inbuilt features for better managing and accessing the mails either it be incoming mails or outgoing mails. In case of receiving any unwanted mails, for avoiding that you can simply add filters to it that will help the user in managing the unwanted mails that is disturbing the user’s working efficiency. In the case of spam, the live mail directs the mail to junk folder on its own that helps the user in protecting their email accounts from the hackers or viruses. Go through this blog for getting more information related to issues associated to Live mail.

Change the spam filter of Live Mail:

  • First login into the Live Mail account
  • Tap “options” and then over “more options”
  • Select the option show or block the attachment by tapping the menu under the option “block content”
  • Tap on the save option.

Block the Junk Mail:

  • Open first the Outlook menu
  • You will come across checkbox at left position of email
  • Tap on junk option
  • Right click over the junk folder
  • Tap on empty folder
  • Tap over the “ok” option

Check junk folder

  • Open the login page
  • Then further enter the personalized login credential
  • Tap on the “junks” menu which will help you in seeing the junk mails
  • By right clicking on option “move to inbox” move the junk mail to inbox
  • Tap on “junk” mail

Stop emails from reaching Junk mail:

  • Open the Live Mail account
  • Select the “Junk E-Mail” folder by reaching the inbox screen
  • Now, right click over the files that you want to move from the junk folder
  • After making selection, ensure that you have scrolled the “junk email” option
  • Now tap on the “mark as not junk” option
  • You surely need to work over the on screen instruction and as per that the incoming emails will smoothly be shifted to respective folder ether it be junk mail folder or the inbox.

Simply follow the above described steps for respective needs. All you need to do is to dial the toll free numbers that is Live Mail Tech Support Toll Free Number+❶-⑧⑧❽-❷②❸-❽⑨⑧❷or Live Mail Customer Support Phone Number USA.