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Gmail Toll Free number is customer support center to fix any issues like snoozing emails in Gmail.It is bliss to have an empty inbox, but there are certain things that you can’t immediately respond to.

Contact Gmail Toll Free Number Snoozing emails in Gmail with browser extension:-

The new option of snooze button allows the user to receive the emails at front till it’s the time for dealing to them. This snooze button is a new feature that brought a complete new looks to Gmail.

The snooze button holds something that needed the browser extension previously and form it a part. It even helps in removing a particular item from the inbox for a restricted time period and then reappear it in inbox after the completion of the time period.

Snoozing emails in Gmail with browser extension +1-888-223-8982

Below elaborated article from has shown the exact way how it works.

  • Enabling the fresh Gmail:

The user needs to first turn on the New Gmail before using them but this is quite easy step. Tap over the settings gear located over the top right section and then tap over the option “try the new Gmail.” Then hold on for seconds and then again move back to the snooze option.

  • Searching and Using Snooze button of Gmail:

As you hover the mouse over any preferred email, you will get to see many icons at the right side. The snooze button is the clock icon over the right side. Tap over it and you will get to see certain options popping up. Select any default offerings or tap over the option pick date and time if you want to have something more précised.

Now the notification will turn up from the inbox and at the selected time it will rematerialize.

  • Browse the Snoozed Emails:

If you can’t remember the time duration of something that you have snoozed or because of any need want to get it back sooner then don’t worry as you can browse the snoozed mails by tapping over the snoozed section lying in the left pane. So from there you can look through and even respond to the snoozed emails. Even in few cases if you find something relevant then you can add it to conversation.

Gmail Toll Free number 1888 223 8982: GMAIL NOT RECEIVING EMAILS


However, there are times when the user might come across the issue of Gmail not receiving the emails. There can be many justified reasons behind the emails not getting received. So below described is the complete guidelines to show you the way to resolve it.

Gmail Toll Free number 1888 223 8982


Steps for troubleshooting the error:

For resolving this query, has come up with few easy-to-follow steps. You can strictly follow them and implement practically for getting rid of email receiving issue on the Gmail. The steps are described below:

  • At first, you are needed to log in to the Gmail account and then move to the Gmail inbox.
  • Ensure that you have checked the spam or trash folder in the account of Gmail. In many cases, the users get the emails in the respective spam folder.
  • Then, you are supposed to search for the email by simply looking for the sender’s name in the respective inbox.
  • Even, you are recommended for changing the settings of the Gmail account to the default state. You can easily do it from the Gmail settings section.
  • If you have applied any filter, ensure that all those filters are removed strictly. It might be because of the filters that you are not able to receive any emails.
  • If in case if you are using any third-party apps for the assessment of the Gmail account, we guide you to stop using it. In place, try to open up the Gail account through the desktop or the mobile phone. You can even use the Gmail app for eliminating any unwanted errors of the Gmail not getting the emails.

Lastly if you are coming across the “Gmail not receiving emails,” it might be due to the memory space shortage. Everyone knows that the Gmail gives 15GB memory space and by chance, you have exceeds that provided limit, there might be the possibility that you may not find emails from the respective Gmail account. For getting rid of the errors, you are expected to delete the not needed emails from the Gmail account.

Why does my sent mail go to trash folder?

Sent Mail Go Trash Folder

How to stop Emails going to Trash in Gmail

If Sent Mail Go Trash Folder then you have to take Expert help or Dial +18882238982 First of all it is highly recommended that you need to check the “Trash and Spam” folders for any products that really aren’t Trash or Spam or Sent Mail Go Trash Folder. while you can even “restore” any mails by shifting them to the Inbox.Another in the Google Mail, messages are deleted permanently after 30 days after they have been placed in “Trash or Spam.”

Why does my sent mail go to trash folder?

Google holds the automatic filter that automatically marks emails from any unknown or new senders as the spam, further sending them to the spam folder therefore Sent Mail Go Trash Folder. Few of the times this filter will even mark the non-spam emails as the spam, but, most noteworthy yes you can easily recover the email from the spam folder and then change the settings for prevent the email of the sender from reaching down to the spam in coming days.
Access the “Trash or Spam”
1. Sign in to the Google Mail at the
2. Hover the label list over the Gmail’s left side (under compose button)
3. Tap over the “More” option at bottom of the label list.
4. If are unable to see “Trash or Spam” under the option More, then search “Trash or Spam” towards top of the label list.
Recover the Messages from “Spam”
1. Find the message that you need to shift out of “Spam”
2. Then further Open the message
3. Shift the message to the Inbox or to the label:

Recover the Messages from “Trash”
1. Find the message that you need to shift from “Trash”
2. Then, Open the message
3. Tap over the “Move to” option and then choose “Inbox”
4. The banner of message will turn up near the window’s top highlighting the message has been shifted to the choose label.
Above all Preventing Messages from Being Spam
To ensure that the messages you get from the specific person goes through the Google spam filter:
1. Open the Google Mail and tap “Settings > Filters > Create a new filter”
2. Type the email address of a person in the From area
3. Tap over the “Create filter with this search”
4. Chose “Never send it to spam”
5. Tap over the “Create Filter”
For more descriptive guidance  to fix the issues like Sent Mail Go Trash Folder then you can dial 1888 223 8982 and as a result reach to technical professional of

If you are not able to send or receive mails over Gmail on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch: dial 1888 223 8982

If you are not able to send or receive emails in the Mail app on your iOS device, know what to do.

You can try the steps given below from

Make sure that your device is connected to internet-

Please check if your device has a cellular-data or Wi-Fi Internet connection, go to Safari and open a webpage, like

Check the Outbox for emails which has not been sent-

If you see a message that your email wasn’t sent, then that email goes to your Outbox. Check your Outbox and try to send the email again.

Check your email address and password

If Mail asks you to enter a password for your email account, your password should be correct. To check your email address and password, sign in to your email provider’s website.

Check for your settings

When you set up email account on your device, iOS automatically uses the correct account settings for many email providers.

To have surety that your account settings are correct, compare the settings in the Mail app with the settings for your email account.

Contact to your email provider or system administrator

You can either check your email provider or check their status webpage to understand if there’s a service downtime.

Contact your email provider or system administrator if you have turned on either any security feature or restrictions, like two-step verification, for your email account. You may require a special password or required to request authorization from your email provider to send and receive email on your device.

Check your email account settings by the help of your email service provider or system administrator to make sure that they’re correct.

Remove your email account and set it up again

  • In your system, sign in to your email service provider’s website. Confirm that all of your email is there or be sure that your email is saved at another place other than your iOS device.
  • On your iOS device, go to Settings > Accounts & Passwords.
  • Tap the email account that you want to remove.
  • Tap Delete Account.
  • Add your account again.

1888 223 8982: Why does my sent mail go to trash folder?

Sent mail go trash folder-1888-223-8982(Toll-Free)

If the incoming emails are being sent directly to the Trash or Deleted folder in place of the inbox, then you can easily go through the steps defined below from the


If you are accessing your emails via web browser:

  • At very first move change the password for doing something new and then again sign in to the Sky Yahoo Mail.
  • Then, send few emails as test mail to yourself on your Yahoo Mail Id.
  • If this hasn’t worked, then look that you don’t hold any third party mailbox like your Hotmail or AOL account set up for accessing the emails.
  • If you do have, then sign in to the other mailbox and then check the settings for mail fetching. If there’s an option for leaving messages over the server, once they’ve been taken, make sure this is enabled.
  • If not, then delete the option for mail fetching and instead of that set up the mail forwarding from the account of Sky Yahoo Mail.
  • In the Sky Yahoo Mail, select gear icon located at the upper-right corner, easily followed by the Mail Options.
  • Look if you haven’t set up the filters that may leads the messages to be sent directly to Trash folder.

If you easily access any email through the email client:

Check the settings over your email client for ensuring you’ve not opted the option for deleting emails from server after downloading:

How to fix the working error in Gmail? 1-888-223-8982

Gmail Tech Support number

The Gmail users are coming across few technical errors in which the Gmail is not effectively working. Any sort of technical fault affects directly the working efficiency of the user leading to serious outrage. So, if in any case user is coming across the technical problem then they can either follow the below defined steps over which they need to spend effort manually or can even ring the bell of technicians sitting at where they can avail easy guidance. One of the biggest technical faults faced by the users in today’s time related to Gmail is its improper working that directly stretches out in causing problem to user in using Gmail further.

The Gmail brings down the quality service to the customers by providing problem fixing steps for resolving the error completely. The user for sure gets panicked when they get into any kind of technical problem, so to tackle that panicked situation, the technicians at MacBook Tech Support such as They are highly experienced and credible towards their job.

For completely resolving the working problem of the Gmail, then all you need is to properly follow the steps well described below:

  • In the initial steps, the user needs to clear out the cache of the respective browser.
  • Then take effort for updating the browser you are using for opening the mail.
  • Once done with the updating process, restart the system.
  • Make sure that you have enabled the JavaScript.
  • Further, disable the browser enhancement.
  • Temporarily disable the firewall, antispyware and antivirus items.
  • Done with this step then cross check whether Gmail is running smoothly on other device or not.
  • In the final step simply reset the used browser to default settings.

When done following the above described steps then be chill as you might have resolved your trouble but if you are still facing the problem or any other problem related to Gmail then get connected to the technical experts sitting at Gmail Customer Support by dialing Gmail Tech Support Number 1-888-223-8982. 

How to find mail in Gmail using search operator?

If you hold good command on working with Gmail and collecting mails, then the archive option available in it is much useful. Many archived mails are never searched or seen again but again, others the user needs to reach back to later. Using cleaver operators and easy search, the Gmail allows the user to get email fast and precisely.

Usually, large search field works that is located at the top of the Gmail. But, few of the times, the returned mail number is quite large. Maybe the user can include a sender’s name or any word? Again, playing with word needs quite intelligence. With the usage of some search operators, the user can easily narrow down the search operation very significantly. You can easily search anything in the subject line by making proper combination with sender and data usage.

Search Mail in Gmail

For finding messages in Gmail:

  • Enter search items in the search field of Gmail.
    • The user can reach to the mail search instantly by pressing .
  • Tap “Enter” or tap on the magnifying glass button.

For specifying the search criteria for narrowing the result in “Gmail search”:

  • Tap on the “Show search options down arrow” in the search field of Gmail.
  • Look for the email addresses of the sender and names by using the “From field”.
  • Look for the “direct (To: field) recipients” names and their addresses using the option of “To field”.
  • Look for the mail subjects by using the “Subject field.”
  • Look for emails’ body text by using the “Has the words field.”
  • Look for the “phrase with quotation marks.”
  • Look for emails that holds “one word (or phrase) or another”, use “OR”.
  • Look for the emails that do not hold certain texts in their text using the “Doesn’t have field.” MacBook Customer Care Phone Number
  • Ensure “Has attachment” is checked for finding the emails that holds the attached files.
  • Looking for the emails’ that is sent over the date using the “Date within fields.”
  • Tap on the “Search Mail” option below search fields.
  • You can easily narrow down the search ahead in the main search field by using operators below.
    • Of course, various search options can be easily combined for finding, saying, emailing from certain sender that holds attachments and were easily sent during last year.

The above detailed steps are good enough to resolve the problem that you are coming across. For more assistance and instructions, get connected to by dialing Gmail Customer Care Phone Number or Gmail Customer Care Number USA  +❶-⑧⑧❽-❷②❸-❽⑨⑧❷.

How to get back the deleted Gmail account?

Email services are a facility that connects the people sitting across the globe and reduces the long gap between them. In this digital world, the user comes across new email services every now and then. So choosing from them can be bit dicey. Gmail can be trusted brand name as it is the well demanded email services that are extensively utilized by large number of users. It is better and much secured mailing platform that provides unique features that makes it unique choice for sending and receiving the emails. While working on the Gmail platform, the user can easily create their personalized account and can even easily delete that when they feel that they don’t need it any more. So, if you have deleted your account but you want it back for any of the personal reason, then you can even get that back. For recovering the account, the user needs to follow few simple steps that are well defined by the technical experts.

There exists only few people who know the actual way of getting back the account and still there exist large population who are unaware of the steps. So, if you are among them who don’t know even single step then this blog can turn out to beneficial for you as this holds many basic steps. So through the blog slowly and follow the exact way it is presented:

  • In the very initial move, the user needs to visit to the official assisting page for the password and then tap on the “I’m having other problems in signing in”.
  • Then next, the user needs to type the Gmail login ID and then further tap over the “continue” option.
  • Now, in this step they need to enter the old password in the space provided and then tap over the icon highlighting “submit a recovery request icon”.
  • After following the above mentioned steps, it will directly take you to the page of account deletion and then tap on the “recovery request form”.
  • Then, the user needs to complete the process of verification and especially for that the user needs to be answerable to few questions linked up to the Gmail account. So try giving all the answer correctly as it is for security purpose.
  • Now, the user will enter the alternative email address for verifying the identity that the account you are trying to recover is completely yours.
  • Then further open the alternate mail ID and then further open the verification link received.
  • At last, enter the new password for the personalized Gmail account for finishing the method.

So you can be easily benefited from the above mentioned steps that are the wordings of the technical professionals who hold good experience in this respective field. For more clearer guidance link up to them and raise your query by dialing  Gmail Customer Care Toll Free Number +①-❽❽⑧-②❷③-⑧❾❽②.

How to fix the error code 8770 of the Gmail?

When the user is trying to send any sort of message to relatives, friends or anyone at same time then there is a chance when they will come across an error notification that defines that the user is no longer for sharing any sort of messages. This specific technical error occurs only when the user sends any message with extreme large size. So, in this case a notification occurs over your screen that intimates that the file being sent is too large.

Some of the basic reasons behind the occurrence of the technical glitch are:

  • Insufficient space in the outbox.
  • Size of the message is large that is more than 25MB.

Here the user are asked to delete the oversized messages from the respective outbox and then there only delete the messages. One thing that the user can work on is to check the size of the file before sending it to the receiver.

Steps for troubleshooting the above mentioned technical glitch:

  • In the very first move, get into your Gmail id by login into using personalized login credentials like the email address and the password.
  • Once you are done with the login step, then tap over the compose option for writing and sending any fresh mail.
  • Next tap on “attaches option” that is situated at the bottom of the email.
  • Now select the files that the user wants to forward and then tap on the send option.

If the Gmail attachment is not uploading successfully or you are unable to send the particular Gmail attachment then there is a chance of occurrence of 8770 and below are some basic tips for overcoming the technical problem.

  • In the very first step, try using the supported web browser for running your personalized Gmail account. The Gmail is very efficient and smoothly runs over best web browsing platform including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, internet explorer and safari.
  • If the web browser is not accurately working then try sending the messages and files from some other web browsers.
  • Few of the times, due to some proxy setting the user come across the problem. So, simply try to turn off the proxy setting.

So, properly working over these steps can turn out to be beneficial in resolving the above mention technical fault. For more detailed and structured guidance get connected to technicians by dialing Gmail Customer Care Phone Number 1-888-223-8982 or Gmail Support number USA.

How to resolve the problem generating in Forward and Reply option of Gmail?

Why we basically use the Gmail account? Obvio the first need of any mail service provider is to forward and reply to the emails coming from the mail services. They can share to all the messages by the use of “reply and forward the message”. If the user comes across any mails from other person that you need to forward that particular message to many persons, then it can be possible using the Gmail account. There are times, when the user personally comes across technical glitch in replying and forwarding emails or even search how to smoothly use the forward and reply to the mails by the personalized Gmail account.

Certain guidelines described for the users to act on so as to “reply and forward” to the Gmail mails from the system:

If you are using the Gmail account Gmail account on the system then you need to find solution to the problems you are coming across by following the below described instructions:

  • In the first move, the user needs to open the system and then the preferred browser.
  • Then, open the website of Gmail and then by tapping over the sign in option the user will enter the login credential of the account.
  • Then they need to open the particular message that they want to reply or forward to the individual.
  • Then select a mail, the particular client will tap over the right hand side to the mail tap arrow or to the drop down option located in the top side of the mail and you will come across options like reply to all, select reply, the forward option.
  • Tap over it.

Creating reply all by the default setting:

The user can easily set the mail for the “reply and forward” to the entire person in the contact list by simply going through the steps mentioned:

  • At the first, try opening your system and then after open the Gmail accounts.
  • Then moving ahead, the user needs to reach to the settings option and tap over it.
  • Moving ahead, then need to enter in “default reply behavior” section and select to reply all.

So, these are some simple steps that the user can go through for resolving their mail related technical error. For more defined guidance reach out to the techies sitting at the Gmail customer support. For reaching them out dial Gmail Tech Support Toll Free Number +①-❽❽⑧-②❷③-⑧❾❽② or Gmail Customer Service Phone Number and avail the best tech support for resolving your query.