How to create and Cox mail account? Call at 1-888-223-8982

How to create and Cox mail account

Cox communication is a firm associated to telecommunication from USA. It is a leader in providing digital cable television, internet television, home automation systems and internet connection. The Cox communication customer needs to hold an email account of Cox so that they can easily establish communication with the executives of Cox communication, can easily pay off their bills and are even free to place any types of service related complaint. The individual customer holding a personalized Cox account can even communicate with other including the regular email communication. The personalized account of Cox mail can easily be configured with the Outlook and can be easily added the smart phones and other devices. They can even get added to some other email ids such as Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail etc.

For getting more clear assistance and even information regarding Cox Mail you can reach to by dialing Cox Mail Customer support Phone Number .

Steps for creating the account of Cox Email:

  • In the initial stage, open the particular page of and then tap over the option of Register now.
  • In the “location pop up” choose your particular state and then enter the respective zip code in the space authorized.
  • Then select the address type that you personally want to register with the Cox using either the home address or the service address.
  • Give complete address along with zip code.
  • Tap on the “continue to the next step” and then follow the below described instructions.

Steps for adding Cox account are below described:

  • First of all sign into the existing Cox account.
  • Then tap over the option of “My profile”.
  • Further, tap over the “tab, users and the email accounts”.
  • If the user needs to add the Cox account in primary account and then tap over the primary user id and then further choose the “create account”. If the user needs to add the account to secondary accounts then they need to tap over the secondary id and then tap on the “modify user”.
  • At the end, confirm the choice by tapping on tab coming up in message box and finally you are done.

For more descriptive guidance slip down to lanes of Cox mail Customer service by dialing Cox Mail Technical Support Phone Number 1-888-223-8982.

How to delete the Cox account from the Mac iOS?


Since past, emails have been considered better medium of communication especially in corporate world. In market there exists many email service providers in which Cox is the most preferred one. Among all the mail service providers, Cox is very popular. Globally, there is huge population who are user of this mail platform and this because they prefer to use this because of the easy to use features. In fact in any wrong turn, the customer support of Cox is reachable on Cox Mail Customer Support Phone Number USA.
In spite of holding better features and accessibility, Cox is a platform that receives maximum criticism due to the technical snugs caused due to internal or external factors. Sometimes, understanding this platform is bit complex as all the processes are similar and alike. If you have properly installed the Cox Mail account on the respective Mac iOS, you can send, reply or receive the mails easily using the particular Mac Mail. If you are looking for a secured platform for sending and receiving mails then blindly you can trust over Cox Mail. If you are coming across any sort of technical fault don’t worry as we are present here for making things easier for enhancing your usage experience but if at any point if you are thinking of deleting the Cox Mail from your respective Mac OS, you are free to do so by following the below described steps:
Process First:
• In the initial step, launch the Mail app over your respective device.
• Then further from the top menu choose the mail option.
• Now, tap on the “preferences” option from the drop down menu of the mail.
• Tap over the email account that you would like to remove from personalized Mac OS and then in that case choose the Cox Mail. You can get this particular option over the left pane or sidebar.
• Then tap over the symbol “-“situated at the lower section.
• Then after, make confirmation of your deleting process by tapping over the “OK button”.
Process Second:
• Reach out to the preference menu over your Mac Device. Here you can get this particular option under the “Apple Menu > Preferences” or tap over the icon of “system preferences” on the respective dock.
• Then, tap over the “internet accounts” and choose the emails accounts that you need to delete.
• Further tap over the “-“symbol situated at lower portion.
• Make confirmation regarding the deleted action by tapping over OK option.
So, this is how you can delete the Cox account from the respective Mac OS or in other case you can make connections to that is a Cox Mail Customer Support Service that can be easily reached using Cox Mail Customer Service Phone Number or Cox Mail Customer Care Phone Number 1-888-223-8982 for USA and Canada.

What IMAP email in Cox can do for the user?

Internet message access protocol is commonly known as IMAP and the internet message access is compressed what is allowed to the user from the protocol.

Email Access Protocols: IMAP and POP

The email services provide generally two email accessing protocols named as IMAP and POP. When the user retrieves the mail messages received in the respective inbox from the mail server with the usage of the email programs either on mobile or computer, the server and the client program used the post office protocol (POP) for communicating. IMAP and POP share the downloading messages to the email programs. For performing this, POP was merely designed and IMAP give much more useful functionalities and features.

POP problem with multiple systems:

In a specific POP session, the mail programs directly download all the latest arrived messages and then further delete those emails immediately from the server. This step helps in preserving space over the server and works efficiently. It even provides the access to emails from one system only and exactly over one email program.

As you try working on the respective mail from various devices, managing POP mails becomes a severe headache. Some of the defects that user comes across are:

  • Missing of incoming emails from the email program.
  • Downloading error in messages.
  • The user is asked for re-creating rules at every point.
  • Only sent is available

Reason of troubled email access of POP:

The root of all the issues lies in the concept of accessing offline email in POP.  The mails are properly delivered to server the email program downloads them to system and then delete the message from server as soon as possible. This means that they are all connected to machine in local range and even to email program.

How can IMAP improve over this?

As IMAP can be used offline and is much similar to POP. It even gives online email accessing that synchronizes the actions between the email programs automatically.

There are many more things that IMAP can help you out with like you can easily operate over the mailbox residing over the server as it is locally located, synchronize access to the email folders and many more. For more detailed information, get connected to technical experts at tech support. Directly contact them by dialing Safari Browser Customer Care Phone Number or Safari Browser Customer Service Number +①-❽❽⑧-②❷③-⑧❾❽②.

How to recover the hacked Cox Mail using Login ID?

At some point of time the user of Cox Mail will get wrapped in technical problem in spite of guarantying complete security. How many protection the user takes doesn’t matter, there can be incident when the user will bump into some sort of technical error. For sometimes, ignore technical errors, there are many more things that threatens the user and hacking holds the top position.   Yes, the incident is faced by the users and they are actually troubled with this problem. May be a dodged or can be a heavy security breach in the security of the web mail server.

The below mentioned activities will help you in noticing and confirming that the account that you are running on Cox mail has been compromised.

  • Failure in login in even after a valid login credentials.
  • Compromise with the account setting.
  • Spam filters removal.
  • Spam mails sent to added contacts along with bulk attachments.
  • Flooded inbox with undelivered messages.

So, when you get to come across any of the above mentioned symptoms, then be sure that the account is compromised and there are chances that the user can lose their information. Losing of information can be disastrous.

Some of the handy ways for recovering the hacked account is mentioned below:

  1. Using the Login ID:
  • Reach out to
  • Tap over the mail. You will be directly directed to the page where you will be asked to enter the login id. Below mentioned is even an option named as “trouble signing in”.
  • Tap over it to get other page where there rises the need to giving correct login credential and then proceed further for selecting the “continue” option.
  • The user will be then verified to confirming that its not a robot. Move ahead after clearing this step after getting green tick.
  • Moving ahead, the user needs to involve in entering first two digits of last 4 digits of the registered number.
  • If you come across an option “text me an account key” then tap over yes option.
  • Then you will come across an account key over your device. Then enter the respective code and tap over verify option.

The Cox account is secured now. If still you wish to make it even more secured, then you can easily do that by adding a new password to the respective mail account.

How to delete the Cox Mail account? Dial +①-❽❽⑧-②❷③-⑧❾❽②(Toll-Free)

If you are an iPhone user then you need to bit cautious about anything you do on your phone. If you are not using or in need of the Hotmail account then they can instantly delete it without any sort of problem. This can be a great move in your terms as the user don’t need recipient to regularly keep sending mails to them and then they will be missing them. So in order to delete the Cox mail account on the iPhone, the user can go through two different steps. The first method is to completely delete the account by the usage of mail app of the iPhone and the other one is to simply delete it using the platform web browser.

In this blog we bring you quick guidelines for the users of Cox mail, who is in need of getting the Cox mail account deleted using the phone. The user can select from any of the method mentioned below that completely relies on the comfort of user. When they get to find that the account is now useless for them then they can select any of the prescribed steps so as to get rid of the account.

First method: deleting Cox account on iPhone

  • In the first move, the user needs to start with from the home screen and then hit over the tabof settings on the respective iPhone.
  • Then, they need to move down to the options like contacts, mail and calendars.
  • From here, the user needs to look for the respective account of Cox mail under the accounts section.
  • From the lower section of the screen, the user can look at the tab as the delete account option.
  • In the end they need to confirm it by simply tapping over the option “delete from my iPhone”.

If the user is comfortable with the web browser then they can move ahead using the second method. It is very easy to use and even comfortable to every individual. In fact, this assisting guide will even help you in many ways as it is very easy to follow and even let the user get the account deleted with few easy steps. Reach out to any browser of your preference and simply go through the below defined steps.

Second Method: deleting account using browser

  • In the first step, the user needs to reach login page of the Cox mail account.
  • Then they will be asked for entering the login credentials like id and the respective password.
  • From setting option, the user needs to move to the option of the account settings.
  • Tap on the option of close account present at the bottom of the page.
  • This may even ask the user for ensuring, they just need to go through the step by tapping on the “next” option.
  • Moving ahead, tap on the “make account” for the closure and tap on the “ok” option.
  • After working over the above steps you will be redirected easily to the last submission and if the user is sure then tap over the done option for confirming.

After following the steps you will surely get rid of your problem. They can even get assistance from Cox Mail customer tech support helpdesk by dialing Cox Mail Customer Care Phone Number +①-❽❽⑧-②❷③-⑧❾❽② or Cox Mail Customer Care Toll Free Number for getting fast assistance.