How to troubleshoot error code 0x800CCC79 of Yahoo?

If the user is unable to send email, the email program highlights an error notification showing “error code 0x800CCC79 or error code 550”. The user can even come across notification like “unknown local user or recipient not authorized”. Behind the occurrence of this technical fault, there exists three basic reasons. The reasons are well defined below along with the troubleshooting steps:

  1. Authentication failure:

If the user is trying hard to send the mails from a valid mail to a valid email address and at that point you came across a notification highlighting “error code 550 or 0x800CCC79” then the very first thing to look after is that the email program is properly set up for the SMTP authentication.

For protecting the respective email server from the abuse coming from the spammers, so being a tech support firm, we allow only to our respective customers from using it.  so the techies at our firm move ahead by insisting that all the mails sent using the Yahoo holds SMTP authentication for proving where they basically turned up from .

  1. From an Invalid Address

If the user is trying to send mail from an email address that is invalid and they will get a notification highlighting “Server response: 550 recipient not authorized”. So if address you have selected for sending the email does not appears to be valid then the server will prohibit the sending of the emails. So for that have a look over the following:

  • The address that you have selected for sending was properly spelled when you set up the respective mail account.
  • It take a day time for the activation of the new email address so at least give 24 hour time after the email address is created.
  1. To an Invalid Address

There are chances that the place from where you are sending the email is valid and the main problem is in the mail address to which the mail is being sent to.  When your message won’t be sent then you will come across a notification of failure delivery status notification from email server notification.

The steps may be bit confusing to follow but its appropriate as it is the exact solution to the problem. For more detailed solution, get connected to techies for resolving this particular technical glitch by dialing Yahoo Mail Customer Service Phone Number usa or Yahoo Mail Customer Care Toll Free Number 1-888-223-8982.

How to troubleshoot the error code 475 in Yahoo?

This error code 475 in Yahoo simply signifies the temporarily blocking of the account from sending any messages.

Your Yahoo account is blocked now; you are barred to access it for next few minutes to hours. The temporary error usually restricts users to access their accounts in order to keep the account safe and secure. This is really helpful when some hacker attacks your account or gets it access; but the suspicious activities will make it difficult for hackers. Before, it creates more damage; your account will be freeze to access for up to next 12 hours.

The user is barred for accessing the Yahoo account for some time duration as the personalized yahoo account is blocked. This temporary technical error mainly restricts the particular user from accessing the account for keeping the account safe and secured. When the user is trying to send numerous of mail and messages in single attempt, then as per the security definition of Yahoo, it is a threat and a suspicious activity. In fact, when the user is sending any sort of duplicate information in the respective mail or even when they are trying to send a single file to various recipients then it is even considered as a threat as per the rules and norms of the Yahoo.

This technical error can even bother the user when they are working over the app of Yahoo Mail. They will come across this technical error when they are trying to send the mail using the personalized Yahoo Mail app and the sending of mail gets canceled for any of the reasons. It can even get diverted to the outbox folder and it will also be caused due to any authentic reasons. The Yahoo will regularly send a notification to the user regarding the exceeding limit size of attachments along with the mail and that needs to be respected and fixed.

If we talk about getting the troubleshooting solutions for this particular error then, technicians recommend the users to take precautions in place of troubleshooting it. They need to ensure that they are using this Yahoo platform for bulk sending of messages and mails so better avoid it and even ensure that in a single frame number of sending messages is less.

The user can even try signing in and even out from their personalized mail account after clearing the browser history and cache. For troubleshooting the technical glitches on temporary basis, the best way is cleaning caches. Signing in once you are done with clearing cache will remove your trouble but still ensure to not send bulk mails. When the user haven’t send bulk mails and still the account is encountering this temporary error, then in that case user needs to be much careful. This can be an activity like hacking or can say someone is trying to get in. So in this case, the user can sign in using the Yahoo Sign In helper and then get in the respective account. Along with getting inside, you can change the password and even update thee account settings with all new. Technical experts always recommend to set 2 step verification for better security.

For more detailed guidance you can directly connect to the experts by dialing Yahoo Mail Customer Support Phone Number USA or Yahoo Mail Tech Support Toll Free Number +①-❽❽⑧-②❷③-⑧❾❽②. The techies are available round the year and round the clock for helping you out of the technical problem.

How to block the spam mails in Yahoo Mail?

The incoming of spam messages is not a small concern in the world of email. Excess of spam messages somewhere it kills time and even hampers the efficiency of the user. One cannot stop the frequency of spam messages completely but yes, by following few easy to follow steps one can easily reduce the numbers of spam messages. Use of good internet etiquettes can gradually reduce the incoming spam messages. This blog will surely turn out to be helpful in handling the spam mails in the personalized Yahoo Mail account.

Yahoo mail holds strict filters for spam mails in background and there is doubt regarding this but sometimes there are few mails that get its way along the inbox. So if the user is coming across any spam mail then mark it spam as soon as possible. By working over this process, the Yahoo Mail filter will be trained for the future perspective.

  • Enter the Yahoo Mail account by entering login credential.
  • Navigate the particular mail that is thought be spam.
  • Select the mail
  • Tap on the option of spam.

The user must unsubscribe from the lists of mail, newsletter and retail advertisements. Once you give a place to your personalized email address on any website then the user unintentionally get subscription to the advertisement or mailing list of the website. However, in those mails the user can get any option for unsubscribing it anytime.

  • Open the email.
  • Then, moving ahead, look for the button of subscription or link.
  • Tap over the option of “unsubscribe”
  • The user may be asked for educating the reason for the unsubscription of the mailing list. It can even drop down the arrangements or the multiple choice amendments.

Legitimate firms always leave a link for un-subscription. It can either in form of option or as link located at the bottom of the screen. If still, somehow the user fail to get the unsubscribe option or link, then mark it as spam.

For avoiding the spam situation in future, the user can follow the steps described below:

  • Don’t reply to senders if you are unknown about them.
  • Look when you share the personal email address to anyone.
  • Avoid replying to messages showing any type of urgency.
  • The user shall never signup to the websites who make fake promises for removing the number from spam list.

Following these steps will relax you from the spam mail tension but even after following the steps you are coming across spam mail bombardment then take step for reaching out the techies. The tech support team will easily help you in resolving the error. To raise the query, dial Yahoo Mail Customer Support Phone Number USA or Yahoo Mail Customer Care Toll Free Number +①-❽❽⑧-②❷③-⑧❾❽②.

How to resolve the Annoying Yahoo Errors


When talking about errors, then Yahoo associated errors are not rare. The users may experience some minor and even major troubles while using the Yahoo like temporary error, fault in connection and oops error. In the situation of any sort of error that is mentioned above, you can directly reach out to Yahoo Support team by dialing the Yahoo support number so as to resolve the issues. You can even follow the guide for getting sure sort solutions to the problems that is frustrating the users.

Solution 1: “No connection” technical error

If you are getting the no connection error notification while using the Yahoo on the devices, simply follow the below described steps:

  1. At the first step, look that user has most active and robust Internet connection. Uninterrupted connection may cause that sort of error.
  2. Reopen the Yahoo application. For doing so, you first need to close the app down, and then further open it again.
  3. If still the error exists, sign out the Yahoo account, and then log in again.

Solution 2 – Yahoo “Temporary error”

If you facing the ‘Temporary Error’ notification when logging in the Yahoo account, it is possible that email facilities are temporarily unavailable. At this point time, try to signing in the account after few minutes, and then check if error has removed away. Although you cannot access the personalized account for the particular moment, but the emails and the personal data remain safe.

Note – If Yahoo ‘Temporary Error” still prevails and you want perfect and immediate solution, check in the information on the way of establishing contact Yahoo customer service number.

Fix 3 – Yahoo “Oops error”

While trying to access the Yahoo, you can get any of following errors like ‘Oops’ or ‘Bad Request, your client generated the illegal request error notification. At this point of time, try any of the following detailed steps for resolving the error:

  • Have a look that you are working on a Yahoo supported browser
  • Then, take step ahead on the web browser add-ons
  • Remove the cache and cookies from the browser
  • Check the Yahoo labs

These steps will clearly sort your issues and help you in running your Yahoo smoothly. For related information reach out techies directly by dialing Yahoo Tech Support Number USA or Yahoo Customer Support Phone Number +❶-⑧⑧❽-❷②❸-❽⑨⑧❷