Temporary error 8 in the Yahoo! Mail

Yahoo! Mail Customer support Phone Number.
Users often face various temporary errors while working over Yahoo! Mail. As per the name it suggests that these issues occurs for a short period of time and can be easily resolved by going through certain easy-to-follow steps under the guidance of the Yahoo! Mail Tech Support USA. These Temporary errors mainly occur due to errors in the server or some other technical glitches occurring with the Yahoo! Mail. In this blog, we try an attempt describe the reason behind the occurrence of temporary error 8 over this mail platform. Scroll down to get more detailed solution for most common technical fault termed as Yahoo temporary error 8 and the user is left out with two definite options to seek guidance. One they can easily go ahead over the following these below mentioned steps that needs patience and the other way is to directly call Yahoo! Mail Tech Support Phone Number USA and reach Yahoo! Mail Technical Support help desk.

For fixing this error code 8 of Yahoo! Mail, the user needs to bring out few changes in the personalized account of the Yahoo! Mail and for bringing out the changes you need to go through below described steps prescribed through Yahoo! Mail Customer support Phone Number.

  • In the very first, sign in to the personal “Yahoo account.”
  • Then further, move the mouse along the setting gear and then select ‘Setting.’
  • Tap on ‘writing email’ menu from the menu section at the left side.
  • Choose or deselect the menu lying under the first heading that is ‘When sending messages.’
  • Then tap on “Save option”.
  • Now, further, try repeating the steps till step 3 and then undo the made changes

Note: if the user needs to deselected the products and items, then chooses them again) done in the step 4.

  • After going through the above steps, the problems will be resolved.

For more guidance and instructions, you can get in touch with the technical professionals at Yahoo! Mail Support USA through Yahoo! Mail Technical Support Phone Number for USA and Canada +1888-223-8982.

How to fix Loading error of AOL Mail on Chrome

There are so many issues that occurs for many AOL mail users and it becomes difficult for them to handle such issues which result in their tendency to be not able to tackle the issues. However the users who mainly face AOL mail not loading in Chrome on Android must not worry. Some simple solutions to the problem is given below in following steps-

  • Select Settings option.
  • Now go to the browser Google chrome. Now click on the browser.
  • Now click the option Clear Data and click on OK.
  • Now shut down your system and then restart it.
  • Next open AOL mail option in Chrome.

Procedure is done. These steps provide the best and correct knowledge to the user to fix such problem. The users who face any AOL Mail loading bar stuck problem, resolve their issue with the help of certified engineers who have the best knowledge to fix their problems. Some of other technical glitch that user often comes across using mail platform are AOL Mail not working, issue with AOL Mail setting, All AOL Mail contacts bounced, file download issue, problem sending emails, POP server failed and many more.

When the issue is AOL Mail not working on your browser, then you are having issues of using your email account which really hinders you to search any kind of important information on the web browser. Therefore if the issue is of AOL Mail not opening in chrome android, then the user can call AOL Mail Tech Support Number 1-888-223-8982 (Toll Free), To fix Loading error of AOL Mail on Chrome contact to our technical experts via online remote access at 24*7 in USA/CANADA.

How to fix the working error in Gmail? 1-888-223-8982

Gmail Tech Support number

The Gmail users are coming across few technical errors in which the Gmail is not effectively working. Any sort of technical fault affects directly the working efficiency of the user leading to serious outrage. So, if in any case user is coming across the technical problem then they can either follow the below defined steps over which they need to spend effort manually or can even ring the bell of technicians sitting at where they can avail easy guidance. One of the biggest technical faults faced by the users in today’s time related to Gmail is its improper working that directly stretches out in causing problem to user in using Gmail further.

The Gmail brings down the quality service to the customers by providing problem fixing steps for resolving the error completely. The user for sure gets panicked when they get into any kind of technical problem, so to tackle that panicked situation, the technicians at MacBook Tech Support such as They are highly experienced and credible towards their job.

For completely resolving the working problem of the Gmail, then all you need is to properly follow the steps well described below:

  • In the initial steps, the user needs to clear out the cache of the respective browser.
  • Then take effort for updating the browser you are using for opening the mail.
  • Once done with the updating process, restart the system.
  • Make sure that you have enabled the JavaScript.
  • Further, disable the browser enhancement.
  • Temporarily disable the firewall, antispyware and antivirus items.
  • Done with this step then cross check whether Gmail is running smoothly on other device or not.
  • In the final step simply reset the used browser to default settings.

When done following the above described steps then be chill as you might have resolved your trouble but if you are still facing the problem or any other problem related to Gmail then get connected to the technical experts sitting at Gmail Customer Support by dialing Gmail Tech Support Number 1-888-223-8982. 

How to create and Cox mail account? Call at 1-888-223-8982

How to create and Cox mail account

Cox communication is a firm associated to telecommunication from USA. It is a leader in providing digital cable television, internet television, home automation systems and internet connection. The Cox communication customer needs to hold an email account of Cox so that they can easily establish communication with the executives of Cox communication, can easily pay off their bills and are even free to place any types of service related complaint. The individual customer holding a personalized Cox account can even communicate with other including the regular email communication. The personalized account of Cox mail can easily be configured with the Outlook and can be easily added the smart phones and other devices. They can even get added to some other email ids such as Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail etc.

For getting more clear assistance and even information regarding Cox Mail you can reach to by dialing Cox Mail Customer support Phone Number .

Steps for creating the account of Cox Email:

  • In the initial stage, open the particular page of and then tap over the option of Register now.
  • In the “location pop up” choose your particular state and then enter the respective zip code in the space authorized.
  • Then select the address type that you personally want to register with the Cox using either the home address or the service address.
  • Give complete address along with zip code.
  • Tap on the “continue to the next step” and then follow the below described instructions.

Steps for adding Cox account are below described:

  • First of all sign into the existing Cox account.
  • Then tap over the option of “My profile”.
  • Further, tap over the “tab, users and the email accounts”.
  • If the user needs to add the Cox account in primary account and then tap over the primary user id and then further choose the “create account”. If the user needs to add the account to secondary accounts then they need to tap over the secondary id and then tap on the “modify user”.
  • At the end, confirm the choice by tapping on tab coming up in message box and finally you are done.

For more descriptive guidance slip down to lanes of Cox mail Customer service by dialing Cox Mail Technical Support Phone Number 1-888-223-8982.

How to synchronize “Yahoo Mail Contact” in iPhone?

yahoo mail technical support number

When the user syncs the Yahoo account with the iPhone, then they can easily access certain sections and features including mail, mail contacts and calendar from iPhone directly. This easy benefit of Yahoo Mail account users holding an iPhone works for the entire email communication.

This particularly requires the user to synchronize and then configure the Yahoo account using the iPhone as this can turn out to be beneficial for accessing all the contacts at one place. For working over this step, the user doesn’t need to keep shifting or switching to Yahoo accounts to the iPhone. We need to provide instant guide for the user for learning the method for synchronizing the contacts of Yahoo Mail in the iPhone.

Few easy to follow steps for establishing sync between your personalized Yahoo Mail contact in your personalized iPhones:

  • In the initial step, start your move from the iPhone’s home screen.
  • Then, stepping ahead, click over the setting option over your device.
  • Then after, the user needs to tap over the “contacts or calendars” option.
  • In this step the user needs to click on the “add account” option.
  • Then further, tap over the Yahoo icon.
  • Here, enter the respective email address and click over the “Next option”.
  • Then, enter the personalized password and then click over the “sign in” button.
  • At last, simply slide the “contacts, mails and calendars” sliders on and click over the “save option”.

Yahoo Mail Customer support Number USA

The above described steps will certainly help you in dealing with the technical snug related to Yahoo Mail. Dial Yahoo Tech Support Number like Yahoo Mail Technical Support Phone Number USA  for reaching out to the Yahoo Mail Technical Support for availing Yahoo Mail Customer service to fix the technical problem the user is facing while working on Yahoo Mail platform.

How to delete the Cox account from the Mac iOS?


Since past, emails have been considered better medium of communication especially in corporate world. In market there exists many email service providers in which Cox is the most preferred one. Among all the mail service providers, Cox is very popular. Globally, there is huge population who are user of this mail platform and this because they prefer to use this because of the easy to use features. In fact in any wrong turn, the customer support of Cox is reachable on Cox Mail Customer Support Phone Number USA.
In spite of holding better features and accessibility, Cox is a platform that receives maximum criticism due to the technical snugs caused due to internal or external factors. Sometimes, understanding this platform is bit complex as all the processes are similar and alike. If you have properly installed the Cox Mail account on the respective Mac iOS, you can send, reply or receive the mails easily using the particular Mac Mail. If you are looking for a secured platform for sending and receiving mails then blindly you can trust over Cox Mail. If you are coming across any sort of technical fault don’t worry as we are present here for making things easier for enhancing your usage experience but if at any point if you are thinking of deleting the Cox Mail from your respective Mac OS, you are free to do so by following the below described steps:
Process First:
• In the initial step, launch the Mail app over your respective device.
• Then further from the top menu choose the mail option.
• Now, tap on the “preferences” option from the drop down menu of the mail.
• Tap over the email account that you would like to remove from personalized Mac OS and then in that case choose the Cox Mail. You can get this particular option over the left pane or sidebar.
• Then tap over the symbol “-“situated at the lower section.
• Then after, make confirmation of your deleting process by tapping over the “OK button”.
Process Second:
• Reach out to the preference menu over your Mac Device. Here you can get this particular option under the “Apple Menu > Preferences” or tap over the icon of “system preferences” on the respective dock.
• Then, tap over the “internet accounts” and choose the emails accounts that you need to delete.
• Further tap over the “-“symbol situated at lower portion.
• Make confirmation regarding the deleted action by tapping over OK option.
So, this is how you can delete the Cox account from the respective Mac OS or in other case you can make connections to that is a Cox Mail Customer Support Service that can be easily reached using Cox Mail Customer Service Phone Number or Cox Mail Customer Care Phone Number 1-888-223-8982 for USA and Canada.

How to correct file downloading error in the Windows Live Mail?

Windows Live Mail Customer Care Toll Free Number
Email platforms bring ease in folder related activity like sending, receiving or sharing. So, file sharing on Live mail is very easy and common and similarly is spamming and hacking in the respective email account. So, in order to maintain your system protected against the online threats, virus and certain programs that can be the reason behind the hacking of the personal details. So on the security basis, Live Mail prohibits certain kinds of file attachments leading to occurrence of above described issues.

If however, you need to allow every kind of file attachments, the user is free to do so by bringing changes in the settings of the account of Windows Live Mail safety options. They will be able to download easily all sorts of files after bringing changes in the safety option.

Below defined are certain steps essential for allowing the mails to download and then open the file attachment type:

  • In the first step, reach out to “start option” in the system and then enter “mail” in the space provided in search box.
  • Further locate the option “Windows Live Mail” in respective search result and then tap on it.
  • Then click over the “home option” of the Windows Live Mail and moving ahead select the “junk” option and reach out to “safety options”.
  • Locate “security tab” and tap over it lying under “safety menu”.
  • Then search for the “virus protection menu” and further uncheck the section next to the “Do not allow attachments to be saved or opened that could potentially be a virus”.
  • Finally, tap on the “ok”. Then when you get an attachment via email. This email block will not prohibit any attachment and they will be permitted to send and receive the file types in mails.
  • Remember but, switching off the option will leave the system at risk of being affected by malicious virus.

NOTE: The changes done will be much effective for the mails that you come across after the changes done. It is even better recommended for sending and receiving file attachments in the zipped form.

You will get rid of your trouble by following the above described steps but in many of the cases you can contact Windows Live Mail Tech Support anytime and from anywhere. You are free to get connected to the by using the helpline numbers such as Windows Live Mail Customer Care Phone Number or Windows Live Mail Customer Care Toll Free Number 1-888-223-8982.

How to correct the email filter issue in Hotmail?

Hotmail Helpline Numbers

Every mail user is frustrated with the fact of getting lots of span mails in the personalized account of Hotmail. From past many years, Microsoft is trying to tackle the mail related query. While the Hotmail gives filter options for identifying the unwanted emails but few users have reported the problem of the ‘junk mail” filter working error in the Hotmail.  For getting out of the problem, the user can simply follow the instructions mentioned below and look if the problem is resolved or still persists.

  • You can initiate the process by signing in the personalized Hotmail email account.
  • Then further locate the gear icon over the extreme right corner of the screen and then tap over it.
  • In this particular window, make effort to scroll down and search for the particular “filters and reporting” option in the tab of junk email situated over the screen’s left lower side corner.
  • Then you will get to see an option located under the particular tab and the option is “standard”. It is the place where the junk mails are sent to the “junk email folder”.
  • However, if the particular filter is not working then you can comfortably choose the second option that is “exclusive”.
  • After selecting “exclusive” filter option, you will get only the trusted mails sent by the trusted mails from the safe senders and lying in safe mailing list, contacts and service announcements that you selected. While selecting this option prevents more junk files in comparison to the standard filter.
  • After selecting the option as per your requirement, don’t forget to tap the “save” option located over the top left side of the window of the Hotmail.

In case the error persists, even after bringing changes and you are getting more spam mails in the account then you can contact to the authorized Hotmail Customer Support team including Talk to techies by dialing Hotmail customer service number 1-888-223-8982 (24 Hours) or Hotmail Customer Care Toll Free Number as these are Hotmail Helpline Numbers.

How to raise the level of security in the Incredimail account?



For holding a secure email account, the user should be very conscious about the activities happening in the account. For maintaining proper security, they must work over few restricted and strict actions. Incredimail is an email specialist that gives better opportunities for handling the mails worldwide. Every user is asked to consent towards the record using specific objectives. This relating methodology smoothly fuses with important data fundamentally. For adding extra layers to the account security regarding displaying of data, the user can work over lot of steps. This security will help you in protecting all your data stored as record. With specific end objective for understanding the deceive, they need to establish connection to the tech support team using toll free number provided. Before reaching the technicians, you can even move ahead by following the described steps in this blog.

  • Working over the password is the first recommended step when it comes to security of the account. So be conscious for changing account’s password on regular intervals. This will help you in protecting your account from the hands of the hackers. For working over the password, the user needs to shift their data and then further look in “sign-in security” and then “change your password” option.
  • Every mail platform uses “second sign-in check” and one can work over setting it by arriving to sign in and security area in the zone of record data. Just create backup message for forwarding the 2SV codes. You are asked to type the phone number for receiving code. It is a clear concept for confirmation along with the assurance for providing overall security.
  • Make a gentle move for reaching the option “sign-in and safety” and then tap over the “see your most recent sign-in movement”.
  • When it comes of using password then always try avoiding the same password over many sites. Using same password over multiple locales increases the chance of being hacked. So strictly avoid sharing the password related information.

If you get to see any issues associated to your mail then you need to hold additional support so as to raise the security level. For more sharp information and accurate guidance, get connected to the Incredimail tech support using Incredimail mail Support Phone Number+❶-⑧⑧❽-❷②❸-❽⑨⑧❷or Incredimail mail Tech Support Number USA.


How to delete the Yahoo account from the Mac iOS?

If you want to bring ease in sending, receiving or replying to any mail then you can actively work using Yahoo Mail platform collaborating to the Mac mail. However, if anytime you wish to delete or remove your Yahoo Mail account from your Mac OS, you can easily remove it by following the steps mentioned here in below.

Steps for deleting the respective Yahoo Account from the Mac iOS

Process 1

1.) In the initial step, simply launch the Mail app over the device and choose the “Mail option” from menu.

2.) Now, moving ahead tap on the menu “Preferences” lying under the drop-down menu of “Mail”.

3.) Tap over the email account that you want to delete from the personalized Mac OS. In this particular case, choose the Yahoo Mail. You can even get this option located at the sidebar/left-pane.

4.) Next, click on the “-” symbol located at the bottom.

5.) After that, make confirmation of your activity for deleting the mail account by tapping on “OK button”.

Process 2:

1.) Reach out to the “System Preferences” option on the Mac device. The user can come across the option under the “Apple menu > Preferences” or even tap on System Preferences icon located on the dock.

2.) Now, tap over the “Internet Accounts” and then choose the personalized email account that you want to delete.

3.) Moving further, tap over the “-” symbol option that is situated at the lower section.

4.) In the end, confirm the delete steps by tapping on the “OK button”.

These both processes are very easy to follow leading to deletion of the Yahoo account running on your personalized Mac. If these steps are not helpful then make sure to get connected to the technical engineers at by dialing Yahoo Mail customer service number 24 Hours or Yahoo Mail Customer Care Toll Free Number

+❶-⑧⑧❽-❷②❸-❽⑨⑧❷. Techies will surely help you in coming out of the technical error.